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Blaine Marine Park

272 Marine Dr., Blaine, WA


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This coming Labor Day weekend September 2-4, Native American canoes are coming once again to Birch Bay and Blaine in a program called “Communities Pulling (paddling) Together”. On the 2nd, the Haandei I Jin Tlingit dance group is planning to dance in Birch Bay at 1:15 PM during their Discovery Days, and the G’ana’k’w Family canoe along with other canoe families will launch their canoes for Blaine at 2:30 PM, arriving in Blaine to a traditional landing protocol at approximately 5:30 PM. For the next two days, if you have a sailing dinghy, rowboat, canoe, kayak, or even a steamboat, come join the native canoes for two days of short journeys in the protected waters of Drayton Harbor, Semiahmoo Spit, and Dakota Creek. Water craft can be launched from the beach at the east end of Semiahmoo Spit (in front of the Plover dock), the Blaine Harbor Marina and Launch, or from the beach at Marine Drive in Blaine. Kayaks are available to rent from the Semiahmoo Resort water craft rentals, and the Historic Plover Ferry will be in operation each day of the Labor day weekend. Be sure to pack life jackets, snacks, water, and sun lotion for each day of this free weekend gathering. Starting at 11:00 AM on the 3rd, there will be another opportunity to witness singing, dancing, and traditional celebrations in Blaine along Marine Drive. Then at 2:00 PM, all water craft are invited to explore Drayton Harbor with the native canoes, and to journey up Dakota Creek with the returning salmon as far as the rising tide will permit. On the 4th which is Labor Day, join the canoes at noon for a short paddle in your small craft for a picnic on Semiahmoo Spit, across from the Alaska Packers’ Cannery Museum. Pack a great picnic lunch, and if you don’t have a small craft, you can drive to this community wide picnic. There is plenty of parking at the museum which is well worth a visit by your family. For additional information you can contact the Blaine Visitor Center at 360-332-4544, watch for stories in the Northern Light Newspaper, attend the presentation at the Blaine Library on September 1st from 4:00 to 5:00 PM, or contact Ron and Cathy at 360 332-8082.


• Sat 9/2/17 - Mon 9/4/17 at 1:15 PM - 5:30 PM