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Create a Personal Altar for Transformation

Art Talk

Altars offer a simple yet profound—and deeply personal—way to focus an intention or desire. Using the 5-Element theory of Vastu Shastra (a sister science to Ayurveda), we will each create a personal altar with the focus of supporting transformation. Things of beauty and joy, altars are a wonderful way to remind yourself of what you are working towards and to keep bringing you back regardless of life's many distractions. Color, Light, Fragrance, Texture, Direction, Imagery, and Balance are all used in creating an altar, be it plain or exuberant. Class instructor Katrina Svoboda Johnson has created many altars over the years. Some of them live on windowsills with only a few objects; others are sprawling endeavors spilling over with life. *Please bring with you a small personal item that represents transformation. This can be an image or object. This can be something that you have created or that has been given to you. You will use this as one element in the creation of your altar. *Class registration fee includes a materials fee.


• Tue 7/24/18 at 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

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Chanting for Transformation

New Age

Eclipses often bring about dramatic change or sudden transformation. The summer of 2018 features three eclipses: two in July (12th/13th and 27th) and one in August (11th). The total lunar eclipse which will take place on July 27th is particularly interesting because it falls *very* close to Ketu and retrograde Mars, which are transiting the Capricorn/Cancer axis. When you put Mars and Ketu together, you can get an incendiary combination. Fortunately, there is a positive side to a Mars-Ketu combination. This pairing favors anything that promotes the flow of subtle energy: yoga, tai chi, meditation, pranayama, acupuncture, vastu shastra, walking in nature, and chanting mantra. In light of this, let us come together to chant for peace and equanimity during this potentially turbulent time so that calmer cooler heads may prevail.


• Thu 7/26/18 at 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM