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Vancity Theatre

1181 Seymour Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 3M7

Movieline: 1-(604)-683-3456


Dim the Fluorescents (NR)

Cast: Claire Armstrong, Naomi Skwarna
Runtime: 2 hr. 8 mins.

"Dim The Fluorescents" follows the friendship and creative partnership between struggling actor Audrey (Claire Armstrong) and aspiring playwright Lillian (Naomi Skwarna). Lacking a proper outlet for their creativity, they funnel all of their considerable passion and talent into the only paying work they can find: role-playing demonstrations for corporate seminars. With copious re-writes and rehearsals, immersive lighting and sound design, and wildly uninhibited performances, the duo attempts to elevate these ostensibly educational presentations (on subjects such as ‘Handling the Dissatisfied Customer' and ‘Workplace Safety') to the realm of high art... all for bewildered audiences of mid-level office employees. When Lillian and Audrey book their biggest gig to date - at a hotel conference with an expected audience of three-hundred - the two commence what will surely be their most ambitious production to date. Over the course of their lengthy and emotionally fraught rehearsal process, two lifetimes' worth of personal, professional and creative compromises rise to the surface and the ensuing tensions threaten to derail both the production and their friendship.

6:20 PM

Great Great Great (NR)

Cast: Dan Beirne, Sarah Kolasky

8:45 PM

Hochelaga, Land of Souls (Hochelaga terre des âmes) ()

Cast: Naiade Aoun, Tanaya Beatty
Runtime: 1 hr. 40 mins.

A tremendous downpour hits Montreal, and a spectacular sinkhole opens up in Percival Molson Stadium in the middle of a football game. The stadium is evacuated, and a few hours later, it becomes a protected archaeological site. Centuries of history are revealed beneath the field. Mohawk archaeologist Baptiste Asigny begins investigating, and he will discover the multitude of generations who have occupied this land, each with buried secrets. Baptiste then sets out to find what he has spent his career searching for: the vestiges of the village of Hochelaga where his Iroquoian ancestors met French explorer Jacques Cartier in October 1535.

2:00 PM

My Enemy, My Brother (NR)

Runtime: 18 mins.

4:15 PM

Pneuma ()

Cast: Allyson Grant, Jason Beaudoin
Runtime: 1 hr. 21 mins.

10:25 PM