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Sh'Bang! 12th Annual Festival of Ideas

Circus, For the Family, Fair/Festival, Social Event, Nature

On the weekend of September 6th-8th, The Lookout Arts Quarry, located 15 minutes south of Bellingham, will once again host a weekend of art installations, workshops, carnival games, wood-fired sauna, trapeze zip-line into the lake, all flavors of eye-candy, a water slide, puppet shows, storytelling, and well over 100 eclectic live bands, DJs, VJs, and genre-defying performances. Sh’bangers are invited to join cowpokes, pirates, mermaids, elves, aliens, and fanciful characters of all kinds to roam throughout 7 interactive themed zones enveloping 5 stages. Countless creative surprises have been planned for Sh’bang’s 12th year. Some highlights to expect include: parades led by the Chaotic Noise Marching Corps, swimming in the pristine quarry to the music of Baby Gramps, downhill contraption soapbox derby race escorted by Yogoman’s rhythms, superstar punk troubadour Jason Webley's wacky floating Flotsam River Circus, an all-star Saturday night circus featuring performers from around the globe, High Step Society’s dance-inspiring electro swing, Parts Per Million aerial pin~ata pandemonium, Sunday’s Aquatic Circus on the Water, and a raucous late-night neo-burlesque cabaret sandwiched between legendary acts from Intuitive Compass, Hot Damn Scandal, and Three for Silver.

Dates in your area:
Lookout Arts Quarry
• Fri 9/6/19 at