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Aura Photos by Charles Crooks


What do you radiate? Find out all about the energy that surrounds your body by getting your aura photographed with intuitive energy coach, Charles Crooks. Why should you even care about your aura? Every day, with every activity we do, and every person we come in contact with, our energy changes. Our body emits our own energetic field, or aura, that constantly surrounds us. Being aware of your aura gives you a sense of the energy youíre sending out at that moment. By paying attention to your energy, you can use this information to help navigate your decicions. How does it work? By placing your hand on a sensor that reads your electromagnetic field, the vibrations it picks up are translated into colors around the body. Depending which color shows in which position, the image then can be interpreted to give you insight into your energetic self in that moment. What if my aura is black/brown/not there? (#1 comment I hear from people before taking their photo). That isnít going to happen. Period. We can also talk about your aura confidence when we meet. The details! Saturday, August 17 1:00p-6:30p at Inspire Studio, downtown Bellingham. 1411 Cornwall Ave Suite #201 $35 a 10 minute session. You get: A 4x6 printed photo, an interpretation of your energy by Charles, a personalized affirmation based on your photo, and a 14 page generated PDF report email to you. The report gives you even deeper information into your energy, and information about your personality color. Please make sure you read the full details on the website before purchasing. Please note this event is not wheelchair friendly. Visit to learn about other events that are. Must be 18 years of age or accompanied by an adult.