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Fred Morrison Concert

Irish/Celtic, Folk

Join us for a night of incredible piping with the world famous Fred Morrison! Fred Morrison returns to the Littlefield Celtic Center for another spectacular performance! One of the world’s most skilled and celebrated pipers, Morrison’s mastery of the great Highland bagpipes, reel pipes, Uilleann pipes, and low whistle is evident through his technical virtuoso and captivating stage presence. We recommend purchasing tickets early, as this event has historically sold out each year at the Littlefield Celtic Center! A living legend in the Celtic music world, Morrison’s music is firmly rooted in the tradition of the Hebridean islands of Scotland while also boldly exploring the technical and creative boundaries of Celtic music. He has developed a distinct and renowned signature sound in the piping community, and has won nearly all of the international prizes in the piping world. His exceptional talents and expressive style are immediately evident in his adventurous music. His performances feature mostly his own original compositions, and whether a haunting slow air or an incredibly difficult reel or jig played with breakneck speed and skilled precision, Fred’s mastery of his instruments is completely apparent.

Dates in your area:
Littlefield Celtic Center
• Sat 10/5/19 at 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM