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Strategies for Recovery with Kerry Gustafson

Community Event

Owner of the Prime Sports Institute, Kerry Gustafson, will share critical components to recovery and simple ways to implement recovery strategies this year. Part 7 in the 12-part series: Cool Down. The thermal effects of using cold for recovery: does it work or not? We'll explore and bust the myths. In this talk you will learn: - What forms of cold effectively assist with recovery. - How much time and what temperatures are effective. There will be time for Q&A so you can ask about recovery hacks, dispel myths, and bring up any other questions you have. This is free in our event space upstairs. Please RSVP to let us know you're coming. Stick around after the talk to tour the facility, try on a pair of NormaTec compression boots, & chat with friends. P.S. -- You don't have to have come to any of the other talks in the series to attend this one.