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Tube Set Gemstones - Intermediate Jewelry Series


Students will learn how to make a setting out of a piece of thick-walled sterling silver tubing for a faceted gemstone. Tube settings are essentially small bezels made from tubing and are useful for adding colorful stones to your designs. During this class we will review how to utilize the tube setting both as a bezel and a setting with prongs. This class builds upon techniques learned in both the Basic Bezel Class and the Pedestal Prong class. Educator: Leah Meleski. Prerequisites: Adults with intermediate skills; you have taken the Beginning Jewelry courses and/or are proficient with soldering, sawing, drilling, polishing, rolling mill / roller printing, etc. This is part of the Intermediate Jewelry Series: Stone Setting. You can receive a discounted price for signing up and committing to all 5 classes via this Link. At the end of this class series a 6th class will be offered as Open Studio Time to participating students involved in the series to offer time to finish class samples and ask questions. Full details and to Register go to: