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Bezels for Odd Shaped Gemstones - Intermediate Jewelry Series


Students will learn how to create a bezel setting for odd shaped cabochon gemstones, such as square, pear and trillion cut stones. A bezel is a thin band of metal that surrounds a cabochon and is formed around the edges to hold the stone in place. This class will review techniques that will help you to create a successful bezel for odd shaped gemstones. A box bezel is a technique used to connect a cabochon to a piece of metal. You will leave class with a deeper understanding of basic jewelry practices. Educator: Leah Meleski. Prerequisites: All students must be at least 18 years old. Intermediate skill level You have taken the Beginning Jewelry courses and/or are Proficient with soldering, sawing, drilling, polishing, rolling mill / roller printing, etc. This is part of the Intermediate Jewelry Series: Stone Setting. You can receive a discounted price for signing up and committing to all 5 classes, see full details and to Register go to: Bellingham Metal Arts Guild is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization promoting the Metal Arts through classes, workshops, lectures & more at our studio/education facility in the Squalicum Harbor Mall. At the end of this class series a 6th class will be offered as Open Studio Time to participating students involved in the series to finish class samples and ask questions.