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“Clothes to Quilts” Workshop with Luke Haynes


Join modern quilt artist Luke Haynes for a modern abstract quilting workshop suitable for all abilities—from beginners to experts. Students are asked to bring clothing or fabrics that hold a personal meaning to the workshop to be honored in the form of a quilt (college t-shirts, old baby clothes, etc.). Haynes will lead participants in a series of fabric “deconstruction,” in which students are given “permission to play” and proceed to cut the fabric into various abstract-shaped pieces. The cut fabric pieces are then gathered into “yardage” and sewn into interesting, patterned squares. All types of quilt-making processes will be covered in this full-day workshop. Haynes’ quilt, [The American Context #68] Double Elvis, is featured in Modern Quilts at the Lightcatcher. Co-presented by the Pacific Northwest Quilt & Fiber Arts Museum.