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Dye & Tie: Two-Day Japanese Gift-Wrapping Textiles Workshop


During this two-day Japanese textile workshop, artist and university professor Seiko Atsuta Purdue will lead you in a hands-on exploration of the art of katazome, a traditional Japanese textile technique and basic kimono dyeing process, resulting in the creation of your very own furoshiki design. Furoshiki is traditionally a square silk cloth to wrap gifts, which is a beautiful and eco-friendly way to wrap everyday objects such as wine bottles and lunch boxes as an alternative to paper. On the first day, you will develop a repeating stencil design and learn the entire process of katazome, including paste-making and application. On the second day, we will dye the fabric with indigo, rinse the paste off, and explore wrapping different objects. Seiko Atsuta Purdue is Professor in the Fibers/Fabrics area in the Department of Art at Western Washington University. Day 1: Saturday, June 15, 10am 3pm; Day 2: Sunday, June 16, 1 4pm.