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WNPS Meeting: Botanical Surveys of the PNW

Education, Nature, Green/Environmental

Our local chapter of the Washington Native Plant Society meets every month (except during the summer when we're all out botanizing) to listen to special speakers talk about their recent research, their upcoming projects, or to share something special about plants. This month we are hearing from Dr. Eric DeChaine, a professor at Western Washington University and curator of the WWU Herbarium. Professor DeChaine is a mycology and botany expert joining us on May 15, 2019 to talk about his Botanical Survey and Monitor Project of plants in the Pacific Northwest. Much of our knowledge of plant distribution in the Pacific Northwest is outdated and incomplete. Learn how the Pacific Northwest Herbarium at Western Washington University is working to update this information through the Survey and Monitor Program (SAM) Dr. DeChaine will share project details, highlights of last year’s work, and how you can contribute to the effort. Refreshments are provided. No need to RSVP. Come learn with us.