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WNPS iNaturalist Training and Bioblitz at Connelly Creek

Education, Nature, Green/Environmental

Our local chapter of the Washington Native Plant Society invites you to a special 'field trip.' Read more for details. The event is open to all ages and is free for everyone. June 2nd, Sunday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. iNaturalist Training and BioBlitz of Connelly Creek Nature Area. Time: 9am-12pm iNaturalist Training. 12pm-1pm lunch (people bring sack lunches). 1pm-4pm BioBlitz of Connelly Creek Nature Area. Location: Meet at Cascade Montessori Middle School, 2710 McKenzie Ave, Bellingham. What: Morning from 9am-12pm, we will meet inside the school to get for an interactive workshop is geared towards introducing you to iNaturalist and how to use it. iNaturalist is a crowd sourced species identification system and data base. You can use it to help you ID species and to maintain data on where and when you have seen different species. You can use it from an app on your smart phone or tablet or on your home PC. This is citizen science at its best and a great way to learn and track plants, fungi and animals. The goal of the training is to get your started and let you know the potential of this tool. You do not need to have a smart phone or tablet to take the class, but wed recommend you download the iNaturalist app ( and register yourself. It is all free and registration is super simple. Bring a lunch (12-1pm) and stay to participate in the afternoon BioBlitz of the adjacent city park, Connelly Creek Nature Area. Afternoon (1pm-4pm) BioBlitz of Connelly Creek Nature Area (CCNA) Start to make an accurate list of plants and animals located in CCNA, with the ultimate goal of having a comprehensive list of living organisms in CCNA. More deeply connect and engage neighborhood folks and local educators to have more knowledge about CCNA natural history. Train folks to use iNaturalist so they can each work to populate a project.