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Prayer for the Earth: Tibetan Sand Mandala Exhibit


A group of Tibetan Buddhist monks will be touring the Pacific Northwest this June creating Sand Mandalas, including Bellingham at the Firehouse Arts & Events Center. This free, unique cultural exhibit is under the sponsorship of the Kilung Foundation, a non-profit in Washington state, along with Pema Kilaya, a Buddhist group based on Whidbey Island. This traditional ritual is a form of meditation practiced by monks actively generating compassion with an awareness of the impermanence of reality—for the purpose of healing the natural environment and all living beings. It is an exquisite and rare form of sacred art practiced in Tibet and other Himalayan countries. The public is invited to visit, observe and engage. The two-day event will provide a unique educational and cultural opportunity to observe the ritual creation of the Sand Mandala, the meditative practices of the monks, and an exquisite example of this sacred art form. As well, it will provide an oasis of peace and inspiration for all in attendance at this “meditation in action.” The event will include a public talk by Tibetan lama and author, Dza Kilung Rinpoche, on Friday, June 14 at Noon to explain the meaning and history of the ritual, and may include a short meditation.