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Savannah Moore-Stein - Did I Raise You Right?


Join us in the readings gallery as Savannah Moore-Stein presents her new, heartbreaking and beautiful memoir. On her book: "This is a memoir of my life while raising my daughter as a single mother. I have written this book in hope of touching someoneís life. I know raising my child alone is not unique. But my daughter experienced some horrific ordeals as a child and young adult. Over the years Iíve tried to avoid our pain. Now Iíve cracked open that pain to investigate my guilt in all this, taking a good look at how I didnít protect her. I discovered this book to be a cathartic therapy for myself; and I hope it will be for my daughter and my readers as I review what I did, or did not do, and why." Savannah Moore Stein is a pen name for this first-time author, offering her memoir. Prior to retiring, she had a varied career in telecommunications, interior design and redesign, and caregiving. Following her spiritual path, she has always felt the longing to be a spiritual teacher and public speaker, as a mentor and example to others. Savannah has one adult biological child (about whom this book is written), five adult step-children, one Ďother daughterí who is just as much a treasured adult daughter as the others, many grandchildren and step-great-grandchildren. She lives happily in the Pacific Northwest with her loving husband, Rand.