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Zoe Boekbinder, Joe and Carol Young, and Phantom Tides

Acoustic, Folk, Blues, Pop

Zoe Boekbinder: Zoe Boekbinder's voice sounds like its being played off a vinyl record. She plays old time folk and blues with cello, violin, three-part harmony and finger plucked guitar. They have toured all over Europe and North America for the past seven years, since the release of their first album. Now with four releases under their belt, Zoe's current project is a collaboration with songwriters incarcerated at New Folsom Prison, where they have been playing concerts and teaching workshops since 2010. Phantom Tides: Gracia is a singer songwriter based in Oakland, California bringing heartbreaking songwriting, otherworldly vocals, dreamy guitar riffs together in a unique and soulful way. Raised in Austin, Texas in and around the music scene, she brings in a variety of genres to her craft but attributes her songwriting mostly closely to what she was raised around; folk, country, blues & a whole lot of soul sewn in.