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Open Mic at the Conway Muse

Acoustic, Blues, Folk, Americana/Roots

Open Mic - A great opportunity for those that want to try out their new stuff on a professional stage where the best local, national and intentional performers love to play. Remember to tune your guitar before you get on the stage. Don’t forget to enjoy the experience to the fullest. Who knows you might get a chance to play professionally at the Muse at some point! Many others have that started out at open mic through the years we’ve been doing this. Hosted by Matthew Bustamove Weimer - As a Music and Art enthusiast, Matt has joined us as a sound Technician as well as being part of our kitchen staff. A world traveler, Matt Moved to mount vernon in 2012 and has been a part of the community ever since. Sign up at 6:30 pm – Perform for 10 minutes or three songs.