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Candace Wellman - Interwoven Lives: Indigenous Mothers of Salish Coast Communities


Companion volume to award-winning Peace Weavers, Wellman’s Interwoven Lives depicts the lives of four more 19th century indigenous women who influenced Bellingham Bay area settlement—Jenny Wynn, Elizabeth Patterson, Mary Allen and Mrs. George Pickett. It reveals new details about the Northwest life of future Confederate brigadier general George E. Pickett. Interwoven Lives (WSU Press, 2019) is Candace Wellman’s second book about cross- cultural marriages in Northwestern Washington. The first, Peace Weavers (WSU Press, 2017) won a national WILLA literary award for nonfiction. Combining degrees in sociology and history with experience in genealogy and years of volunteerism in a regional archives, Wellman spent 21 years researching and writing the companion volumes. Born and raised in Washington, the Bellingham resident is a local history consultant and speaks frequently about women’s history and regional settlement. She has already started work on a new book topic, while still paying attention to her husband, children, grandchildren and two cats.