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Yin & Juice at Flux Power Yoga

Yoga/Pilates/Tai Chi

Laaaaid Back! With Yin & Juice! Release. Calm. Regenerate. Balance. Recover. All of these qualities and more will be cultivated in this Yin-style workshop with a 90-minute YIN Yoga practice followed by a JUICE talk and tasting with Yin designer juices created specifically for the practice by Big Love Juice. About YIN: Yin yoga is a practice of mostly seated, long held poses that open and clear your energy pathways and restore joint and connective tissue mobility. Yin practice can help restore range of motion; revitalize tissues; cultivate gratitude for the body; teaches self-compassion; helps us become more resilient to stress; and helps us cultivate balance (to our “yang” lifestyles). Yin teaches us how to be gentle, patient, and nonreactive. About JUICE talk + tasting: 5 juice shots designed to support your YIN practice. Discover different juicing styles, ingredients, nutritional value and benefits. Learn why we do what we do at Big Love Juice. Ask and answer. Experience juice bliss. Rest and re-juice your body and mind as you tap into a deep space of mental stillness and quiet. A great way to spring clean your mental space and recharge from your busy and active lifestyle. This workshop is limited to 15 participants. Reserve your spot today.