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Wonder Wool - kids upcycle summer arts camp


Dates: June 25-28, Tuesday to Friday. Time: 10am – 2pm daily. Ages:8+. Description: Start from scratch and see how yarn is made in this fun-filled four day camp. We’ll take natural wool fleece through the process of dyeing, carding, teasing, and spinning, and then use our handmade yarn to create our own woven wall hangings and knitted creations. In the process, we’ll also make our own tools: knitting needles from chopsticks, a drop spindle from CDs, and a cardboard loom. Discover fiber arts as an ancient skill to be enjoyed by anyone, using everyday household objects as resources. Impact: Our wool will come from Pacific Northwest sheep as we strengthen our connection to the source of our fabrics and our ability to create the beautiful and the useful.

Dates in your area:
• Tue 6/25/19 at 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM