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Learn to Solder: RGB LED Ball


Assemble the little kit to make a unique LED ball that flashes in the dark. Use your imagination and customize it to suit any holiday decorations from Christmas ornaments to Halloween. Features: Easy to solder. Automatically sequences RGB fade and flash effects. Turns on automatically when it gets dark. Transparent acrylic ball included. Easy to customize. Suited for outdoor use & floats on water (if the ball is sealed with waterproof glue, not included). Learning how to solder is an extremely useful skill for all skillsets and ages. As we assemble our project we will discuss all aspects of soldering including, safety, soldering irons, component identification, preparation, types of solder, and flux. We will also cover tinning and splicing wires and desoldering as necessary. There will be examples of prototype circuit construction techniques and extra components and boards to practice on.