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Cindy Hansen - Orca Network - WAKE Club Meeting


Cindy Hansen from the Orca Network will be speaking about Orcas and other whales of the Salish Sea. Cindy’s talk is part of Whatcom Association of Kayak Enthusiasts (WAKE) monthly club meeting. Among other topics, she will give tips on sharing the water peacefully and legally with these majestic animals. Cindy also spends her winters in Baja with the gray whales, raises orphaned kittens and lives on San Juan Island. She is sure to entertain and delight all. Doors open 6:30 pm. Come early for social with WAKE members. WAKE is a non-profit, social kayaking organization based in Bellingham. We encourage any adult who wants to paddle in the many areas of the Pacific Northwest to visit us. “Orca Network is dedicated to raising awareness about the whales of the Pacific Northwest, and the importance of providing them healthy and safe habitats. Orca Network finds ways for people to work together to protect the rich, beautiful, diverse habitats and inhabitants of Puget Sound.” Good News! The Southern Orca Resident Population is now 75! January 11, 2019, Baby L124, the youngest living So. Resident orca, friskily following L25 Ocean Sun, about 90 years old and the oldest living orca in the Southern Resident population. The new baby’s mom is 32-year old L77 Matia. see photo Orca Network website.