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Weekly Swing Dance Classes

Ballroom, Tap/Jazz

B'ham Hop is back, in an all-new space, with all-new classes. Learn the basics in a friendly environment with Swing Dancing for Everyone, improve your Lindy Hop with our Intermediate class, or take it back to swing roots with Strong and Mighty Solo Jazz. But when? Every Monday, with four week series starting the first Monday of each month. 5-6pm: Swing Dancing for Everyone. 6-7pm: Intermediate/Advanced Lindy Hop. 7-8pm: Strong and Mighty Solo Jazz with Bailey. But where? Presence Studio 1412 Cornwall Avenue. Who me? Yes you. And me. And jazz. How now? $50 for the month. $15 drop-in. $40 for students. Student drop in? Alright, the ayes have it: $12. Why? For the fun! Register by going to