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Sierra Golden and Elaina Ellis - The Slow Art and Write About an Empty Birdcage

Signing/Readings, Poetry Reading/Spoken Word

The robustly physical poems in Sierra Goldenís debut collection The Slow Art are bracingly honest about work and also contain magic. Goldenís frank, often humorous sensibility brings the men and women who fish, and those who donít, vividly to life. Sierra Golden won the 2018 Dorothy Brunsman Poetry Prize for her book The Slow Art (Bear Star Press). Golden's poems appear in literary journals such as Prairie Schooner, Permafrost, and Ploughshares. In Write About an Empty Birdcage, Ellis sets out to trace the lineage of various personal disasters, including a break-up, an eating disorder, and a complex balance of identities. She writes about queerness, Jewish heritage, and embodied femininity, with a critique of power that blends humor, the mess of confession, and a reverence for tension. Elaina Ellis lives in Bellingham, Washington. Her poems appear in Vinyl Poetry, Muzzle Magazine, The Iowa Review, Poetry Northwest, Horsethief, and elsewhere.