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Paul Hunter - Clownery: In Lieu of a Life Spent in Harness

Poetry Reading/Spoken Word, Signing/Readings

Clownery: In lieu of a life spent in harness is the autobiography of an artist and teacher resembling the author, in prose poetry, with some fictional and hypothetical pieces set off in italics. The clown grows and matures despite the buffeting of an often painful waking world, though he tumbles and soars in his dreams. The book follows his education, consciousness, work, play, dreams, humor, art, love, relationships, and the mysterious nature of a full life on this fragile planet. For the past 22 years Paul Hunter has published fine letterpress poetry under the imprint of Wood Works, including 26 books and 66 broadsides. His first collection of farming poems, Breaking Ground, 2004, from Silverfish Review Press, was reviewed in the New York Times, and received the 2004 Washington State Book Award. He has taught at the University of Washington, the Overlake School, the Skagit River Poetry Festival, and the Oregon Poetry Society.