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Betty Scott, J.P. Falcon Grady and Rev. Tessie Mandeville - Central Heating

Signing/Readings, Poetry Reading/Spoken Word

Mix the poetry of Betty Scott with the soulful voice of J.P. Falcon Grady and soprano Tessie Mandeville and you have a great reason to join us in the Reading Gallery for selections from Central Heating: Poems that Celebrate Love, Loss and Planet Earth. As described by author Zach Savich: “Betty Scott’s poems … remind us that souls are found in the soil, as well as in the garden of her poetic forms that bring inventive music, history and ecology to readers.” Betty Scott is an award-winning poet whose poems have appeared in WA 129; Clover; Noisy Waters; Cirque Journal; Floating Bridge Press and other on-line publications and anthologies in Vancouver, Canada, and the Pacific Northwest. J.P. Falcon Grady is a proud member of the Piikani (Blackfeet) tribe and is a self taught singer/songwriter/guitarist who intertwines acoustic melodies and vocals, finding inspiration in Betty’s words. Rev. Tessie Mandeville works as a chaplain at St. Joseph Peace Health Medical Center. She is an ordained minister with the Unitarian Universalist Association and with Metropolitan Community Churches.