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Molly Hite - Class Porn


When Class Porn was first published in 1986, it gained a cult following among women - and some men - who had experienced the unequal power relations making it impossible for an employee or student who is being harassed by an authority figure to “just tell him off,” “just slap his face” or even “just fill out a complaint”--responses likely to lead to the loss of reputation or a job and the closing off of any future career prospects. When the #MeToo movement arose almost thirty years later, directly addressing these power issues and the cluelessness of the “why don’t they just” objections, Hite was inspired to reissue Class Porn as a #MeToo book. Set in the mid-1960s, Eleanor Nyland struggles against forces and attitudes she cannot even name, but her sense of humor and, finally, of her own worth help her puncture the inflated egos of her senior colleagues and avoid the worst of the consequences. Molly Hite was for 32 years Professor of English Literature at Cornell University, where she taught and wrote about twentieth-century fiction, feminist theory, and creative writing.