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Crankie Workshop

Folk Art/Crafts

The Celtic Arts Foundation is pleased to invite Sue Truman for a day of traditional folk art. We are currently offering a workshop from 10:30AM-12:00PM for 25 students, but will add a second afternoon session if there is enough demand. What is a crankie, you ask? It’s an old storytelling art form where a long illustrated scroll is wound onto two spools and loaded into a box with a viewing screen. The scroll is then hand-cranked, revealing one scene at a time while a story is told or a tune is played. Crankies were known as “moving panoramas” in the 19th century. At this workshop, you’ll have all the instruction and materials needed to make and bring home your very own crankie! Join artist and performer Sue Truman. No previous experience, skills, or art background are needed. This workshop is lots of fun for kids as well as adults, but we recommend children be nine or up to fully enjoy and experience it. Rubber stamps will be used to add illustrations to the scroll. To learn more about this art form, please visit Sue’s website.