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Trios: Guitar, Viola & Flute

Chamber Music

Early 19th-Century Trios for guitar, viola and flute will be presented in the second 2019 Salish Sea Early Music Festival performance. Guitarist Oleg Timofeyev, flutist Jeffrey Cohan and violist Stephen Creswell perform trios by Leonardo de Call, Gaspard Kummer and Joseph Küffner for a remarkanble ensemble that existed only during the early decades of the 19th century on instruments from Beethoven’s time. These early 19th-century "Serenades" are for an unusual combination of instruments that was in vogue only during a few decades and are representative of the emerging romanticism of the early 19th century and the subsequent blossoming of chamber music with guitar by virtuosos on their evolving instruments. Jeffrey Cohan will play an 8-keyed flute made in London in 1820 of Jamaican cocuswood with silver ornamental rings and keys, made in London in 1820 by George Rudall with assistance from George Willis. In 1821 Rudall joined with Rose to make Rudall & Rose flutes, which have found their way into the hands of some of today's most well-known flutists playing traditional Irish music. Oleg Timofeyev’s guitar was also made during the early decades of the 19th century. The Salish Sea Early Music Festival presents performances all around the Salish Sea of early chamber music performed on period instruments. The festival has presented countless first performances in modern times of period instrument renditions of early works, and is proud to be an affiliate organization of Early Music America, which develops, strengthens, and celebrates early music and historically informed performance in North America. Flutist Jeffrey Cohan is the festival’s artistic director. Additional information is available at