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Intro to the Inside Passage


Stop thinking about that grand seafaring adventure and start preparing for it. Learn how to plan and execute a human-powered expedition. Although specific to sea kayaking the Inside Passage, the principles of adventure planning will apply to any destination, conveyance, or time frame. All adventurous souls welcome. No previous paddling or trip planning experience necessary. In this course students will: Learn how to plan the adventure of a lifetime, exploring both the nature of adventure and the nature of the Inside Passage. Discuss how gainfully employed, mature adults can do something as outrageously adventurous as this. Explore the physical, mental and experiential parameters relevant to this type of journey, both his or her own and those of potential partners. Be able to plan a food regimen and come to understand how it can be implemented and carried out over a sustained time and distance. Come to understand a myriad of other inherent elements and hazards of planning and executing an Inside Passage expedition such as logistics, equipment, navigation, tides and currents, weather, seamanship, camping difficulties, dealing with customs, shipping traffic, fitness, and electronics. Early bird tickets are $129, increasing to $149 on March 23.