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Transition from Burnout to Bliss

Class/Workshop, Health & Wellness/Nutrition

Do you ever feel stressed out, overwhelmed, or even burned out? Perhaps you ruminate about the past or worry about the future? Have you ever had trouble sleeping, felt, tired, achy, or blah? Join Amy for an interactive workshop that includes qigong, guided meditation, and conversation. Get tools and tips that help you change your outlook so you feel greater resilience, peace of mind, and vitality. Walk away from the evening with practical suggestions for how to embrace then release strong emotions and stress, as well as how to befriend and learn from your inner critic. Amy has a 25+ year background in compassion meditation and wrote an Amazon #1 best-seller, Cultivating Compassion: Simple Everyday Practices for Discovering Peace of Mind and Resilience. For further information please visit Register for the workshop at