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Standing Up for Racial Justice without Falling on Your Face

Talks/Lectures, Family/Child (Books)

Many of us tiptoe around talking about race because the rhetoric has grown so heated and even well-meaning people can fall into micro-aggression and offend others. Yet, it's critical we talk if we want to move toward greater justice. Washington State authors Claire Rudolf Murphy and Mary Cronk Farrell will share the challenges of writing about race and introduce a panel of local activists discussing how white people can show up for racial justice. Panel members include Judith Entwife, President of the Bellingham American Association of University women (AAUW) who will offer practical suggestions for supporting intersectionality. Claire Rudolf Murphy, author of Martin and Bobby: A Journey to Justice follows the lives and final days of Martin Luther King, Jr., and Robert Kennedy, showing how their initially wary relationship evolved from challenging and testing each other to finally “arriving in the same place” in 1968, as allies fighting poverty and racism. Mary Cronk Farrell, author of Standing Up Against Hate: How Black Women in the Army Helped Change the Course of WWII, a much-need perspective on the lives of women of color in WWII America.