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BAAY Presents: Urinetown

Children's Theatre, Comedy/Drama, Drama, Musical, Play

Bellingham Arts Academy for Youth presents the bold musical comedy, Urinetown, performed by senior students ages 13-16 this January. Premiering in 2001 at the New York International Fringe Festival, Urinetown played on Broadway and went on to win three Tony Awards. Its teasing nature and irreverent perspective has entertained international audiences for many years. It’s sure to provide a rare theatre experience for Bellingham viewers. Urinetown takes place in a not-so-distant future where a 20-year drought has caused a devastating water shortage and a governmental ban on private toilets. All restroom activities are controlled by the Urine Good Company, who profits from humanity’s most basic needs. Those who disobey the restroom laws and venture to “pee for free” are harshly punished and exiled to the mysterious district of Urinetown. Tickets and more information at Please note that Urinetown is rated PG-13 by Music Theatre International, so parental guidance recommended for younger viewers.