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Jewelry/Gems, Design, Folk Art/Crafts

This is a dedicated open LAB for those with varied PMC skills wishing to work at the BMAG studio and meet other PMC enthusiasts. You will work independently without instruction and gain knowledge by sharing ideas. If you are looking for instruction, a good start is our PMC 101 The Very Basics workshop. A Volunteer Host will oversee the PMC LAB & Kiln. You are asked to help set-up and clean up. Note: * PMC fine silver is only to be used during this lab, eliminating cross contamination from other metal clays and mediums. * Participants must provide their own materials & are encouraged to bring their own tools. * Only Special PMC TOOLS and the Firing Kiln are available, and to be in use during this time. Prerequisites: All individuals must be at least 18 years old and have Basic PMC experience. Please Register for the Workshop at least 1 day beforehand.