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Elliott Neff Pawn's Journey: Transforming Lives One Move at a Time


A Pawn’s Journey tells the uplifting story of April, a disheartened teen who is introduced to the game of chess and mentored by a school counselor. Her mindset changes as she learns invaluable life lessons through the game of chess. In this self-help tale based on a true story, readers will learn resiliency, how to shape their mindset, how to gracefully handle a "loss" and turn it into a learning opportunity, the principle of giving back, respect and sportsmanship. Elliott is passionate about helping others discover life lessons through the game of chess. People are captivated by his interactive 10 to15 minute "blindfold chess" demonstration, his stories of students' lives transformed, and his enthusiasm for helping others find and maximize their talents. This novel is inspired by true-life stories of students' journeys through life, influenced by the game of chess.