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Zanne Alder Lost & Found in Kuwait: One Woman's Spiritual Journey in the Desert


Under the cover of darkness Zanne Alder fled Kuwait. She had gone abroad, her spirit broken, hoping desperately to fulfill her ideals. Her new job did nothing to ease her angst. The extremity of the situation threatened Zanne's health, physically, emotionally and spiritually. She called upon her reserves as a long-standing member of the Sufi Order. She found inspiration in Australia, Jordan, Turkey and Sri Lanka. A path forward was revealed to Zanne; it was calm, centered, certain and loving. She took risks she could never have taken had she not been lost, and then found, in the desert of Kuwait. Zanne Alder has been a member of the Sufi/Inayati order for over 40 years. She holds Master's Degrees in Educational Psychology and Social Work. She spent 40 years working in schools as a teacher, counselor, professional development trainer, and, briefly, administrator. Alder also has extensive experience in outdoor education, adventure-based counseling and restorative justice. She lives on the shoulder of Lookout Mountain, just south of Bellingham, Washington.