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Silhouette Artist at Launching Success

Drawings/Works on Paper

Your child's silhouette cut Freehand. No digital or mechanical process. No drawing, tracing or projecting. Heirloom art. A shadow snatched from time. While most silhouettists today do a "caricature-style" cut, Kerry Cook is among a tiny handful of quality artists who still practice the art of true silhouette likenesses. Silhouettes by Kerry Cook are a tradition here in the Pacific Northwest, where she's been snipping likenesses in the Seattle area since the early 70's. She got her start at the young age of 10, working from the side of her mother's portrait booth in art fairs and county fairs around Washington State. Appointments now being taken. Pre-registration is required. A $20 deposit will be taken at time of registration, and will apply to the silhouette purchase. Options: Original Silhouette: $30 per person; Extra Copies: $12.50 each; Frames: $14 each. For more information, visit the artist's website at: