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Rivet Set Gemstone Pendant

Class/Workshop, Jewelry/Gems, Design

This 5 week Wednesday evening workshop, reviews basic metalsmithing skills including a variety of rivets. We will use these skills to create an original layered pendant that sets a cabochon or faceted gemstone between two or more textured sheets of metal. Design principles are important to consider and will be discussed in preparation for students to plan their original design. Students will make their own rivet sample that includes a standard rivet, a flush rivet and a tube rivet. Students will compose sketches for their pendant using various design templates. We will also consider how each type of rivet can both enhance and perform the functions necessary to complete their designed pendant. Lastly, we will review finishing techniques (patinas and polishing) that can enhance your finished pendant. Instructor: Leah Meleski. Prerequisites: Beginning jewelry or basic sawing, filing, and roller printing skills. Adults 18 years or older.