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Whatcom Symphony presents Harmony from DIscord with Cellist Clive Greensmith


In the Symphony’s next installment of our Harmony from Discord series, we shine a light on powerful music that transcends oppression. We are joined by cellist Clive Greensmith, formerly of the Tokyo String Quartet, who will present the North American premiere of composer and cellist Pál Hermann’s Cello Concerto as realized by Fabio Conti. We follow with Mahler’s iconic Totenfeier (Funeral Rites), and the concert finishes with Viktor Ullmann’s Variations and Fugue on a Hebrew Theme, which Ullmann composed from inside the Theresienstadt (Terezín) Concentration Camp. This concert is sure to be a testament to the incredible fortitude of the human spirit. A pre-concert lecture about the repertoire by Dr. Ryan Dudenbostel starts at 2:15 pm.