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"War Through the Eyes of Women: A Book Club"


War through the Eyes of Women: A Book Club starting Fall 2018. Open House on October 16th, 6:00 - 7:30 pm. Whether you were raised on an army post or served on one, you know that the lives of military families are nothing like the rest of Americansí. Join us as we discuss powerful literature by writers who have a deep understanding of military service and life on the home front. The discussions will be guided by skilled leaders to help participants connect the literature and the authorís meaning to their own lives. We recognize that the experience of female military members is different than that of female family members, but our goal here is support and try to understand each other as women in our different experiences via military life, and to gain strength from our collective resilience. The Vet Center has expanded. Come see the new conference room and help us choose the first book.