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Kathleen Torrey

Talks/Lectures, Signing/Readings

The End Fiction The middle of the 21st century was an extension of the early years, both financially and politically. Some of the world’s population were better off than they had been, many worse due to low incomes, high-end technology and overpopulation. The United States was fairly stable but continued on a political roller coaster and divided electorate. Meg felt very comfortable and blessed that her husband, John, and their three children were in a position of moderate comfort and financial security. That was all about to change. She would face an unthinkable challenge that would demand more of her than she knew was in her. She, as well as the rest of the world’s population, needed answers. First for herself, then for the human race and the planet. The phrase, “God help us all” rang over and over in her head as she began her odyssey. Kathleen Torrey is a wildlife artist, specializing in endangered species and any critter that lives on the planet. She lives with her husband, two dogs, and a cat on Whidbey Island. She has written many short stories and memoirs through the years.