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Pat Haines-Ainsworth

Talks/Lectures, Signing/Readings

Jeff Walker & Mr. B Fiction! Jeff Walker was not a nice guy. A person, his wife, might go so far as to call him a totally selfish jerk. Though he was still young, Jeff was bitter that life had not provided him with all the perks he felt he deserved. So, when the Jersey Devil offered him a chance to have riches, prestige, women, and fame he jumped at it. All it cost him was his soul and he wasn’t doing anything with that. “Jeff Walker & Mr. B”, Washington Irving’s cautionary tale, is gleefully updated for this century by P. Haines-Ainsworth. Join us in the Readings Gallery for this spooky tale, just in time for Halloween. P. Haines-Ainsworth is an actor, playwright, visual artist, and author. She lives in Snohomish with her family, two cats, and shelves of old fairy tales, folk tales, and historic anthologies.