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Who Are We?


Unitarian Universalists. BUFsters. Members and friends of one of the many UU congregations of the UUA ó all in covenant to affirm and promote far-reaching principles arising from a broad set of sources. We are religious liberals, along with millions more, whose faith communities around the world share the following characteristics. They all: Affirm the individualís freedom of choice in religious matters, Require individual responsibility in such choice, Must be practiced in relationship with oneís community, Affirm that new religious ideas will arise, Affirm the importance of reason, Affirm the value of religious and social diversity. Unitarian Universalists and BUFsters are not unique. Our allies are legion. Letís talk about how our congregational community can serve as a beacon for these ideals. Liberal child education classes available while parent(s) attend service with 3 days notice to the office: 360-733-3837.