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Sandra Noel: The River


Sandra Noel's writing in The River evokes a time and place as languidly fluid as their title suggests. Intimate, but inviting, her poems trace themes of coming of age, guilt, family, and loyalty. In a sensual rush of language, Noel's desire to better understand her childhood and adolescence in and around Fredericksburg, Virginia drives the overarching narrative of this collection. Readers are transported to the banks of the Rappahannock and the central Virginia countryside through Noel’s deft composites of rural tranquility brushed with personal turmoil that hints at the region’s tumultuous past. The River is an examination of history that is equally personal and ubiquitous. ~ A.E. Bayne, Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review. Sandra Noel works as an illustrator developing interpretive exhibits for national parks, forests and other organizations in the USA and in Sulawesi, Indonesia involved in environmental education.