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Sports Shorts An Evening of Outdoor Adventure Films Directed by Women

Community Event, Film

An evening of outdoor adventure short films directed by women, with food and fitness-related activities. A bike/run sponsored by Shifting Gears starts the evening at 6 p.m. from Big Love Juice in the Herald Building to the Big Love Juice location in Fairhaven. Live music, a free spin class, and food is available in a roped-off courtyard in front of Big Love Juice and Ovn in Fairhaven. Giveaways by sponsors. Three 20-minute-long family-friendly adventure films start at 9 p.m. Films include Shift about First Nations Yukon youth converting a trail to world-class mountain biking, Choices about rock climber/base jumper Steph Davis, and The Miranavator about an unusual and inspiring runner. Donations benefit CASCADIA which celebrates and showcases exceptional women's films.