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Nelson Mandela 100th Birthday Tribute Concert


A community celebration of Nelson Mandela's 100th Birthday features members of the Bellingham Chamber Chorale and the Bellingham Unitarian Choir with guest artists “Cricket and Snail” (Jim & Lucie Carlson) from Prague, Czech Republic, on violin and accordion. "This eclectic and inspirational program will thrill with its power and diversity of genres," claims director Kevin Allen-Schmid. "Inspired by our hero Mandela, we're offering hope and light with a positive message during a time of chaos.“ The concert lineup includes professional singers Wendy Bloom and Genevieve Baglio, and pianist Emily Gantt, plus there will be soulful sing-alongs with African-American spirituals and South African freedom songs. Admission is by freewill offering, taken for the Zinzin Roma Children’s Choir of Romania, with whom the Unitarian Choir has a partnership. To honor Mandela’s legacy, the choir is supporting the Zinzin choral outreach and life-skills program, which bridges cultural divides in Romania and resists oppression and inequality.