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Susan Chase-Foster, Xie Xie Taipei


After her son, Moshe Foster, moved to Taiwan in the winter of 2005, Susan Chase-Foster began a series of visits during which the pair explored remote areas of the island, as well as the maze of lanes, alleys, mountains, markets, parks and architecture of Taipei, a city of nearly 3 million people, and a million scooters. In Xie Xie Taipei moments of geographical and cultural discovery are captured in what Susan calls “poemoirs,” and in Moshe’s finely rendered black and white photographs. Susan Chase-Foster travels the world recording observations in poems and watercolor journals. Her work has appeared in anthologies, including Clover, A Literary Rag; Cirque, A Literary Journal for the North Pacific Rim; and Noisy Water: Poetry from Whatcom County, Washington. Susan lives joyfully in Bellingham, WA, but delights in sauntering through the remarkable island of Taiwan with her son.