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WJMAC presents Special Jazz Forest Show with Chuck Findley and Pete Christlieb


WJMAC is lucky to have Ron Jonesí 12-piece big band one last time this season. For this gig Ron has managed to add trumpeter Chuck Findley to join his fellow Tonight Show veteran tenor saxophonist Pete Christlieb and the rest of this great band. You may not know it, but you have probably heard both these guys on the radio often as they were in demand session players who helped out talents like Steely Dan and Tom Waits. You donít get many chances to hear a band this big and this good pairing two such great musicians with some of the best NW talent, like Susan Pascal (vibes), Matt Jorgensen (drums), John Hansen (piano) and Jeff Kashiwa (alto). Each of the Jazz Forest gigs brings a little different mix of personnel, but the playing is always stellar.