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Dancing for Joy Presents: NeverWonderland of Oz


Once upon a time there were 3 sisters: Wendy, Alice, and Dorothy. A peddler in disguise (who was actually their father, aka OZ) came to them with a note about their true identity and a magical Orb that would take them from the real world back into their lands (Neverland, Wonderland, and OZ). The note informed the girls that their worlds were in trouble and needed their help. The magical ORB would help transport the sisters to their lands where they would be reunited with old friends, and be launched into a very important mission. Neverwonderland of OZ is an original DFJ production written by Kurt Vander Griend. Join us June 16th - 18th at the Mount Baker Theater for this wonderful production. Tickets go on Sale Monday May 7th at the Mount Baker Theater. 4 shows to choose from.