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Healing through Art-PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center presents New Exhibit with New Work by Photographer Chuck Bankuti and Painter Sandra Lepper

Art Show, Painting, Photography

PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Centers Healing through Art Program is proud to present a new exhibit of paintings by Everett Community College art instructor, Sandra Lepper and photographs by Chuck Bankuti of the Native American tribes of the Southwest. Lepperís fascination with the magical intersection of space and sky has always been at the heart of her work. Her background of 15 years in art conservation taught Sandra to appreciate antique techniques. From oil paintings using a cold was medium to silverpoint drawing, watercolor on linen and silk, encaustic and tempera on panel her knowledge of traditional materials continues to inform her work. Chuck Bankuti will discuss his work on June 2 from 12-3 pm. Born in Budapest, Bankuti escaped to Austria during the 1956 revolution. After a year in a refugee camp he and his mother were allowed to enter the US. Chuck has worked as a professional photographer for the last 38 years. A journey to the Southwest in the late 1980ís inspired some of his best work. He has photographed Native Americans and their land for the last 28 years. The photographs in this installation represent the artistís personal journey with the tribes of the Southwest.